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Detail of Stained Glass Window

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Detail of Stained Glass Window Epiphany Star Motif Panel of 'Hope' Stained Glass Window  



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Epiphany's building makes use of symbols that visually express the message of Christ to the people within it. Below, each of these images are displayed and explained in the context of the Christian faith and Epiphany Lutheran Church's values.

Epiphany Star

Epiphany Star Motif

Stained Glass Windows

Noah's Ark Mural


Lord ..., Give us the eyes to see      Over the verge of the sundown      The beauty that is to be.   Bliss Carman, Lord of the Far Horizons

Epiphany Star

The Epiphany Star Symbol, attached to the eastern exterior wall of the sanctuary, is a traditional symbol referring to the story of the Adoration of the Magi in the New Testament Book of Matthew. The star is said to have guided the Magi to the home of the child, Jesus. Epiphany comes from the Greek word, epiphanaea, meaning a revelation. The western church has traditionally interpreted the story of the Adoration of the Magi as the first revelation of the Christ to the gentiles. That is why we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany after Christmas.

Epiphany Star, exterior of south wall  



Epiphany Star Motif introduced by the architect of the building, is a contemporary interpretation of the Epiphany star.  It appears in 63 places on our building and has been incorporated into our website on each page. You may already be familiar with it. It is a square with lines extending outward in opposite directions.



Epiphany Star Motif  



Stained Glass Windows
The designs of the windows of Epiphany have been chosen so that this place may become a place of
growth, help, hope, and inspiration, through art. We pray that they will become a very important part
of your understanding of spirituality as you continue your life's journey. Each time you enter this room,
reflect upon each individual window, be drawn in by the colors and by the brilliance, be touched by their
own meaning to you.

The artist who designed the stained glass windows is Randy Sewell of Atlanta, GA. They were
fabricated by Randy and his staff in the studio of Sewell Stained Glass.



Community Window
on the north end of the west wall, the Community Window is a gathering of people in a fellowship to serve basic needs and to sustain mutual reinforcement. The roots of the word are Greek and from the New Testament meaning "house of the Lord" and "assembly called together." The design illustrates a processional to the church building (the house of the Lord). The permanence of the bricks and mortar are represented by the rectilinear line work, building blocks of community.

'Community' Stained Glass Window  



Compassion Window
This is the central window on the west wall. It represents the sharing of individual suffering by the community with sympathy and empathy and the collective effort toward the alleviation (or possible the elimination) of suffering. It is noted as a divine gift in some texts. In the lay dictionary there is a notation of "selfless" effort to alleviate suffering. In the Bible it is also synonymous with mercy. The line work in the design shows people together, helping one another, surrounding and nurturing their fellow sisters and brothers.

'Compassion' Stained Glass Window  

Individuality Window
This window is located on the south end of the west wall. Individuality is the sum of the characteristics that sets one person apart from others, like a yardstick for uniqueness or originality. The window itself is an individual statement and takes on its own individuality but is measured against the similarity, i.e., borders, coloration, and vertical movement, of all the windows. These are the aspects by which this panel is distinguished from and related to the others, as a person is distinct from and related to their community.

'Individuality' Stained Glass Window  

Meaning Window
The Meaning Window is located on the north end of the east wall. Meaning is an attempt to convey purpose or intention. Out of a central idea, chaos and dark open into light, many answers, and possibilities. The darker areas are emptiness, ambiguity, vagueness, which open into meaning and enlightenment.

'Meaning' Stained Glass Window  

Hope Window
This is the central window on the east wall. Hope is an optimistic outlook upon life and the future. For this design, the central focus is the seed evolving to its blossom form. This relates to the surrounding pastoral countryside of Rock Hill. This almost circular form emerges, shattering its casing or protective skin and bearing fruit. Hope in the austere dictionary definition is the "feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best." Religious hope is humankind submitting utterly to the mysterious will of God, knowing that he/she may often be tested over time, but in anticipation of a good end.

'Hope' Stained Glass Window  

Inspiration Window
The Inspiration Window, located on the south end of the east wall, has two aspects. It is an influence or idea that motivates action but it is also a divine revelation or intervention coming swiftly and from outside. It is also the power of the mind and self over their insufficiency. It is the synthesis of originality, imagination, conception and impulse. The "movement" of this panel is upward, reaching, rising.

'Inspiration' Stained Glass Window  

Noah's Ark Mural
This mural was painted by member and artist, Jean Wood, for the toddler's nursery.

'Noah's Ark' Mural, Epiphany's Nursery Room  

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