How are you at having fun?  Is fun something you do only when you have time?  Is it something that you have to wiggle into your day for it to happen?  Are fun ideas difficult for you to identify? Do you feel like having fun is a waste of time?

Fun is a very important part of one's life.  Fun has many different meanings for different people.  Fun is a life-line for energy, attitude, and good health.

Fun is important and necessary in our own life and it is just as important in the life of our congregation.  There are many fun events that happen on a quarterly and yearly schedule at Epiphany... Beer and Hymns, Chocolate Festival, and Oktoberfest.  But I think we need to have more spontanious and off-the-wall events for fun.  Fun is not only about energy, attitude, and good health in a congregation as it is for individuals, but fun is also about relationships, community-building, support, and nurturre.  It is about life!

So, let's have more fun around Epiphany!  Let's build a fun community of believers who enjoy serving and loving each other and our neighbors. 

Give us your ideas and your thoughts.  Let's have some FUN!!