Leadership Teams

The Mission Council of Epiphany serves as the Board of Directors for our ministry.  Serving three year terms on a rotating basis, Mission Council members lead our mission in spiritual development, mission, visioning, stewardship, finance, personnel, and long-range planning,  They meet every four - six weeks to offer their gifts in leading the mission and ministry of Epiphany.

Bill Droz (President)

Doug Hinson             

Joy Davies               

Deb Zaken

Mike Plonk

Arlene Vecellio

     Angie Gregory                       Amanda Maghsoud
  Recording Secretary                       Treasurer





The Mission Leadership Team (MLT) is comprised of co-ordinators for our six major, every-day areas of ministry... Worship, Education, Community Ministries, Congregational Life, Youth, and Property. The MLT is responsible for seeing that the weekly ministries are coordinated in ways which allow mission to happen, using the gifts of our members and friends. 

Congregational Life - Christia Humburg

Community Ministries - JoAnn Giliberti

Education -  Cindy Caldwell, Debbie Keener, Judy Krenzer

Property - Rick Krenzer

Worship -  Bill Issel, Joy Robinson, and Regina Cerny

Youth - Robin Brooks and Brian List

Finance - Doug Hinson, Bill Droz, Pastor Ken, Amanda Maghsoud, and Rick Krenzer