Worship Services

First Sundays - 10:00am Worship Service

Other Sundays - 8am and 10:30am Worship Services


Each Sunday we worship in the spirit of God's encompassing love and forgiveness, available to all people. It is in this spirit that we welcome all persons to our fellowship. As we worship together, we hope all hearts and minds will open to the spirit of God's grace, love, and forgiveness that comes through Word and Sacrament.  In accepting God's love and forgiveness, we join together around God's Table of Grace as one people, each week, receiving God's all embracing love for us. You are invited to join us for this feast of love -- Holy Communion.

 We use a "worshipper friendly" bulletin, with most of the service printed, to ensure that all worshippers feel comfortable with our liturgy and order of service.

What to expect if you worship with us...  We are structured, for worship, service, and fellowship in a relational understanding of church.  There are all age groups at Epiphany, with all ages participating in the leadership of worship.    Epiphany has become known as a place of relational comfort and peace with God and other worshippers.  If you choose to visit us, you are encouraged to visit with us for at least 4 - 6 weeks in order to have a clearer undersanding of who we are and how we seek to change our corner of the world.   We believe Epiphany is a different church for a different world.